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A flood of fans flock to BudX for the Semi-Finals of the World Cup

Get ready for the biggest world cup final Dubai has ever seen at BudX.

BudX FIFA Fan Festival 2022

BudX FIFA Fan Festival has been one of the major Fan Zones in the UAE where thousands of people have come together to watch and enjoy the world cup with their friends and family. Influencers and celebrities have watched the matches comfortably while experiencing a real-world cup atmosphere outdoors with a diverse group of football fans surrounding the area.

Festival food and drinks are served at BudX where you can feast on a mouth-watering cheesy pizza slice or bite into a big juicy burger- there is something for everyone to relish in! Take a look at the world cup highlights and why you should book in advance at BudX for the finals.

Live Entertainment

Dubai Bling’s DJ Bliss got the party going with his live set to get us ready for the finals. He really did keep the party going “all night long” with the atmosphere feeling like a huge outdoor concert.

Semi-Final Results

On Tuesday 13th of December, Argentina played against Croatia in the semi-finals leading up to finals on the weekend. After an intense game, Argentina saw the win over Croatia with a 3-0 score taking them straight into the finals.

Wednesday 14th December

After Argentina secured their place in the finals, it was France and Morocco’s turn to prove themselves. Fans at BudX as well as all over the world were geared up for this match as it was a huge achievement for Morocco to make it this far. The underdogs of the game who had beaten Portugal and kicked Cristiano Ronaldo out of the world cup final were playing for not only their country but for all their supporters around the world.

Morocco couldn’t keep up with France and took a loss on a 2-0 defeat against France meaning France are in the finals with Argentina.

Get ready for the finals at BudX as Argentina and France go head-to-head to win the world cup trophy. Will Messi win the title of G.O.A.T? Get your tickets here to find out:

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