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Abu Dhabi reveals plans for a studio complex by 2025

Abu Dhabi is investing in something exciting that will see International markets entering the UAE

Abu Dhabi reveals plans for a studio complex by 2025

The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, has revealed plans to build and complete a major studio complex by 2025.

Announced by the state-owned media hub twofour54, the project is set to span 400,000 square meters and will include 11 soundstages, 3,000 square-meter exterior water tank, and six standing sets, alongside a 7000 square-meter office space unique with other production facilities.

Abu Dhabi is already seen as a hub for Hollywood and Bollywood movies with major films being set here. Movies such as Dune, Star Wars, and Fast and Furious with Vin Diesel and Dwyane Johnson have all used it as a location in their blockbusters. The building of the soundstages will open up doors for the rest of the world to see Abu Dhabi as a hot spot for filming and becoming a huge destination for global projects.

Saudi Arabia has also emerged, having invested in projects such as AlUla and Neom. Gerald Butler filmed Kandahar using the beautiful backdrop of AlUla where many influencers and content creators travel to for unique shots.

The CEO of twofour54 said “twofour54 has facilitated thousands of productions over the last 15 years, establishing a compelling track record and building a deep expertise of the global film industry’s demands. Leveraging this invaluable experience, twofour54 identified an opportunity in the MENA region – the demand for an integrated, future-ready production destination. We remain steadfast in our mission to foster creativity, nurture talent and provide a world-class platform where visionaries can bring their cinematic dreams to life.”

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