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Al Ain: Enchanting Winter pop-up not to miss this 2023

From 5th November, 2023 until 31st March ,2024

Al Ain: Enchanting Winter pop-up not to miss this 2023

Are you ready for the upcoming activities this Winter season? Winter is the time to get outdoors and be more active as the temperatures become manageable. To celebrate the cooler months, Le Pre Winter Pop-Up is coming to Al Muwaiji in Al Ain for an enchanting experience.

About Le Pre Winter Pop-Up

Le Pre Winter Pop-Up is set against a backdrop of a historic and mesmerising location. It is a truly magical way to start the winter celebration as you are charmed by the mystical winter theme. Embark on an extraordinary journey with a diverse range of delicious food and beverage brands such as Le Pre, Popup Burger, Eight Pizza, and Matera.

What else to expect

If that’s not enough then view the spectacular sustainable installations and cutting-edge 3D design. Dance to live music performances and enjoy exciting family entertainment options.

Le Pre is excited to bring the enchantment of the winter season to you with the theme of the pop-up. The theme pays tribute to the Year of SUstainability in the UAE and revolves around eco-friendliness, incorporating recyclable material with a primary focus on aluminium, wood, and tiles.

It is nature that takes centre stage with the addition of plants and wooden furniture, blending Western and local aesthetics. The interior showcases key materials such as exotic wood, ceramic and mosaic floor tiles, and mud wall finishes.

A diverse palette of colours reflects the brand’s identity and the hues of natural elements, harmonising with the sustainability theme

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