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Dubai: DIAFA announces 7th edition dedicated to Faten Hamama

Find out everything you need to know about this years Distinctive International Arab Festival Awards 2023

Dubai: DIAFA announces 7th edition dedicated to Faten Hamama

The Distinctive International Arab Festival Awards – DIAFA, announces its 7th edition of the prestigious Red Carpet and Awards Ceremony, taking place on the 22nd of November 2023 at Festival Bay, Dubai Festival City. The 7th edition of DIAFA is organized in collaboration with Dubai Festival City Mall, Sobha Realty, and 7 Production, and will be broadcast live on 12 television channels regionally and globally.

Known to celebrate renowned personalities for their unwavering commitment and zeal to contribute innovatively in the fields of arts, music, business, culture, and humanitarian services; DIAFA has also been dedicating its yearly festival to pioneers of creativity. This year’s DIAFA is dedicated to one of the Arab Cinema icons, Faten Hamama, referred to as ‘The Lady of the Arabic Screen’. Being a face that needs no introduction in the world of Egyptian and Arabic cinema; Faten Hamama redefined new genres in acting and established for herself a stature that continues to live in legacy.

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Announcing the details of the awards ceremony, Dr. Michel Daher (Founder and President of the BIAF, DIAFA & EMIGALA) said; “For seven years in a row, we have successfully managed to connect art, culture, cinema, music, and business with people from different walks of life. We want our audiences to know that no matter where they belong, it is these cultural threads that bond us together for a larger purpose.”

In light of the recent and tragic situation that has been taking place in Palestine, DIAFA is aiming to utilize its wide platform and broad live TV broadcast regionally and globally to support the “Tarahum for Gaza” campaign by raising funds for Dubai Cares, one of Mohammed bin Rashid Global Initiatives, as well as creating awareness about the ongoing humanitarian crisis that the Palestinian Children and their families are currently enduring.

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Confirming their association as the official sponsor for DIAFA 2023, Francis Alfred, Managing Director, Sobha Realty said; “We, at Sobha Realty, are delighted to sponsor the Distinctive International Arab Festivals Awards (DIAFA). As a dynamic contributor to the local economy, we are dedicated to highlighting the Arab world’s rich cultural diversity and fostering long-standing relationships with the Arabic audience. Through this collaboration, we seek to recognise the power of storytelling and its
capacity to bridge cultural diversities. We anticipate to play a key role in the successful future of DIAFA and be a major patron of the dynamic landscape of Arabic cinema.”

The Red Carpet will start at 06:00 PM GST, which will then lead to the Awards Ceremony at 8.30 PM. The awards ceremony will be broadcast live on 12 TV stations and broadcasting platforms throughout the Arab world and globally on Dubai TV, Dubai One, OSN Ya Hala, OSN First, OSN+, Rotana Musica, LBC, Rotana Khaleejiya, MBC Wanasah, Al Mashhad TV, and Al AlKaheraWalNas.

DIAFA is also delighted with its collaboration with ” X ” in a one-of-a-kind partnership in the region for the third year in a row.

The festival will be hosted by Kris Fade & Noha Nabil and will award personalities from 18 countries from all over the world including the UAE, USA, UK, Algeria, India, Russia, Syria, Turkey, Kuwait, France, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Pakistan.

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