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Dubai-based henna artist Azra Khamissa creates henna shoe for Adidas

Check out the henna shoe…

The creatively talented Azra Khamissa is a Dubai-based henna artist and she had the opportunity to create art shoe designs for Adidas in Dubai!

She teamed up with Adidas and create 3 designs for their sneaker line at the Dubai Mall. The shoes are part of a collaboration with UAE-based creatives, including Latifa Saeed, Christopher Joshua Benton and Hessa.

henna art

I was commissioned by Adidas to design three sneakers using henna. It was a lot of fun using henna on leather, and actually quite challenging. Hope you like them and please let me know if you pass by to see them at the new Adidas Originals store in Dubai Mall!

Azra Khamissa via Instagram

Khamissa’s detailed shoe art is being praised by the region for it’s beauty and creative touches.

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