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Dubai Bling’s Safa welcomes baby girl #babybling into the world 2022

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Dubai Bling - Safa welcomes baby girl into the world

IG Announcement

After waiting throughout the Dubai Bling show for Safa to make her baby pregnancy announcement, she finally surprised her husband Fahad with the joyful news. Now, Safa and her family celebrate the birth of their baby girl with her announcement on Instagram made today on the 15th of December 2022.

Baby Bling

There is no news yet of Baby Bling’s name but the focus has been on Safa and her hospital outfit. Safa was seen to be documenting her hospital look, asking her followers how she should have her hair and makeup on delivery day. On her WhatsApp story, she shows off her “epidural” needle, as well as her well-done nails and feathered blue sleeves with no pictures or videos of her baby girl.

Congratulation Messages

Many influencers from the Dubai Bling cast have messaged Safa on her post, as well as some celebrity faces. Mona Kattan sent her congratulations and Farhana Bodi from Dubai Bling also shared her excitement, welcoming the little princess into the world.

Big Sister

Alina, Safa’s eldest daughter made it clear to her parents that she wouldn’t be sharing a room! Baby Bling will have her own suite (if Safa’s involved she will), and most probably a great fashion sense to take after her mummy!

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