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Dubai: Fashion delivered in 90-minutes by Flashmob Nation

Flashmob Nation created by influencer Shreyas Mehta is delivering high-street apparel to customers’ anywhere in Dubai within 90 minutes

Dubai: Fashion delivered in 90-minutes by Flashmob Nation

Flashmob Nation, a high-street brand founded by Dubai-based actor, model, and influencer Shreyas Mehta, is pioneering a ‘90-minute delivery’ in the city. The first-of-its-kind initiative in Dubai is inspired by Flashmob Nation’s motto of continually enhancing customers’ shopping convenience and meaningfully contributing to the city’s flourishing textile culture.

Quick commerce

As a high-street designer brand, Flashmob understands the clothing dilemmas of a generation that cannot, at times, decide “what to wear”. The confusion often arises at the last minute, causing what is informally known as “fashion anxiety”. That finds a solution in Flashmob Nation’s quick delivery over a phone call or online order. The novel service, available from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM, marks a unique synthesis of fashion and ‘quick commerce’ in Dubai.

Shreyas Mehta

“Fashion anxiety is real. It can creep in just as you decide on a meet-and-greet lunch with co-workers or a late-night party with friends. Our 90-minute assured delivery and a commitment to true-to-expectation products bring much-needed relief in such circumstances. Quick commerce is making inroads into every aspect of our lives. I’m glad to pave the way for it in Dubai’s fashion industry,” expressed Shreyas Mehta, who is known for his breakthrough role in Bravo TV’s popular reality show ‘Love Without Borders’.

Sustainable brand

Flashmob Nation was recently certified by Climate Plus, confirming five verified emission reductions (VERs) equivalent to five tones of CO2 stopped from being released into the atmosphere. The certification is a testament to the purpose-driven brand’s sustainable approach, including the use of eco-friendly dyes, prints, labels, and chemical-free processes. Apparel produced using that approach is available in Flashmob’s ‘Not So Basic’ and ‘Rave Fashion’ collections. Made in Turkey, those apparel boast superior quality by virtue of organic, Pima, and bamboo cotton from India.

‘Not So Basic’ is a fashionably sober ensemble of loungewear such as oversized hoodies, joggers, and buttoned shorts, whereas ‘Rave Fashion’ verges on the bling with the creative use of sequin, tassel, and rhinestones. A sustainable approach to loungewear and partywear alike, Shreyas Mehta says, corresponds to the growing “conscious consumerism” among the young generation in Dubai. “The present-day customer gravitates toward brands demonstrating their commitment to social and environmental justice and delivering superior and consistent experiences across offline and online channels. Our expanding ‘phygital’ model draws upon those customer expectations,” noted Shreyas Mehta.

Homegrown Dubai Brand

Though predominantly a digital-first e-commerce brand, Flashmob has gradually expanded its offline presence in Dubai, featuring in Playa Boutique, Palm Jumeirah, and Designer’s Hub in Agenda, Media City. With its growing omnichannel presence, a certifiable approach to sustainability, and first-to-market services such as the 90-minute delivery, Flashmob Nation is gradually and determinedly positioning itself as an exemplary homegrown designer brand in Dubai.

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