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Dubai unveils Mercedes-Benz first residential towers 2024

The city of life and luxury, Dubai unveils its latest architectural beauty, The Mercedes-Benz’s first residential tower


Dubai luxury meets architecture

In an unprecedented move, Mercedes-Benz is extending its design prowess beyond automobiles to grace the Dubai skyline with a branded luxury residence. Collaborating with Emirati developer Binghatti, the automotive giant is set to unveil the Mercedes-Benz Places, a 65-story residential tower, standing tall at approximately 1,118 feet in the heart of Dubai.

Strategy and design

Nestled near iconic landmarks such as the Dubai Mall, the Museum of the Future, and the Burj Khalifa, the residence tower integrates Mercedes-Benz’s signature “Sensual Purity” design philosophy. The exterior silhouette mirrors the iconic three-point Mercedes-Benz logo, while the interiors boast high-end finishes, encapsulating the essence of luxury.

Vision for intelligent living

CEO Muhammad BinGhatti envisions more than just real estate development. In a press statement, he expressed excitement about collaborating with Mercedes-Benz, aiming to set a new benchmark for intelligent living. The development, named Mercedes-Benz Places, not only promises opulent living spaces but also places community and mobility at its core, redefining the concept of modern, luxurious living.

New standards

Britta Seeger, a member of the Board of Management at Mercedes-Benz Group AG, highlighted the venture as a move beyond automotive, aiming to create outstanding brand moments. With Binghatti’s extensive experience in real estate development, the collaboration seeks to establish a branded residential tower that encapsulates the Mercedes-Benz DNA, offering customers a unique place to arrive, unwind, and call home.

The Mercedes-Benz Places project has been in progress for over a year, and as the anticipation grows, the completion details remain undisclosed. All eyes are set on the grand launch event scheduled for January 2024 in Dubai, where more insights into this groundbreaking collaboration will be unveiled.

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