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Dubai ranked 5th for street-style fashion according to social media

Check out the full table here and see who is number one for their street-style looks

Dubai ranked 5th for street-style fashion 2023

Dubai is announced fifth for being the fifth destination for street style. The popularity of street style has surged, with searches increasing by over 1,650% in the past year. This fascination has inspired individuals to discover new brands and invest in fashion pieces reflective of street style trends.

With this in mind, experts at JOOR wanted to reveal which worldwide cities are the street-style hotspots by taking into account TikTok views and Instagram hashtags. 

TikTok & Instagram Data

Dubai street-style rating: 8.3/10

  • Dubai, emerging as a vibrant street-style destination
  • Dubai Street Style” captures a notable 10.5 million views on TikTok
  • The hashtag “#DubaiStreetStyle” resonates with 432k tags on Instagram

Rank for best street-style destination

RankLocationTikTok Views ‘[Country] Street Style’Instagram # ‘[Country] Street Style’Street  Style Rating (/10)
2New York61,300,000130,0009.0
=10Sydney 820,30018,9006.6

JOOR’s research highlights the “big four” as the epicenter of fashion, all ranking highly, with Paris leading the way in street style fashion, garnering an exceptional rating of 9.6 out of 10. Renowned for its high fashion scene, the French capital doubles as the ultimate hub for street style, boasting a remarkable 62,200,000 million TikTok views and 646,000 Instagram hashtags. 

If you’re into street-style fashion, you’ll want to explore some of the top shops in Paris, such as The Broken Arm in the Marais district, La Samaritaine, and Ekivok in Rue Du Théâtre and many others, to find unique and trendy streetwear items.

Street-style inspo from Pinterest

Do you need some help with how to style your “street-style” look? Take a look at some of the inspiration here on Pinterest that will give you some inspiration.

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