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Dubai: Theatre of Digital Art announces an open call for Digital Creators 2023

All forms of digital creators have the chance to showcase their talent on the 15th November – get involved today!

Theatre of Digital Art announces open call for digital creators

Theatre of Digital Art (TODA), the UAE’s pioneering 360° art hub, in collaboration with 3IXAM Software, is excited to announce an Open Call for Digital Creators.

Known for curating over 100 events and exhibitions that seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with global creative expressions, TODA is on a mission to further enrich the cultural landscape of the UAE. From the 1st of September TODA invites digital artists, designers, creators, and emerging talents from around the world to express themselves and contribute to the ever-evolving tapestry of the UAE’s artistic scene.

The theme for the Open Call is “The intersection of new technologies and Middle Eastern culture and traditions.” Entrants are encouraged to explore the infusion of modern innovations into Arabic culture, reflecting on history, national identity, and authentic traditions, and envisioning the future of culture and traditions in the region, through a new digital lens.

“We believe that art knows no boundaries, and it is our privilege to provide a stage for the world’s creative minds,” says Evgeniya Romanidi, Art Manager at TODA. “Our collaboration with 3IXAM Software, a company at the forefront of digital innovation, perfectly aligns with our mission to promote diversity and innovation in the arts.”

3IXAM Software is a ground-breaking 3D software designed by and for designers, offering unparalleled offline rendering capabilities powered by AI. Using this software, tailored for the Apple ecosystem, designers can seamlessly bridge the virtual and real, expressing themselves beyond their limits.

“3IXAM is deeply committed to nurturing creativity and innovation,” says Max Marka, co-founder, and creator of 3IXAM. “We see digital art as an art form equal to its traditional counterparts, and we are on a mission to support and inspire the 21st-century Monet’s and da Vinci’s. Our partnership with TODA underscores our dedication to an inclusive and diverse creative ecosystem.”

On November 15th, the contest will shine a spotlight on the burgeoning talents of the next generation, providing them with a platform to capture the attention of cultural institutions, art galleries, and the wider public. Creators of the most exceptional artworks, handpicked by an expert curatorial team, will have the opportunity to claim top-tier rewards courtesy of 3IXAM. They include a MacBook Air 15 (1st prize), an iPad Pro 12.9 inch (2nd prize), and an iPad Pro 11 inch (3rd prize).

TODA and 3IXAM invite the world’s creative minds to join this artistic journey, where technology meets tradition, and innovation blends seamlessly with culture. The contest aims to redefine the boundaries of digital art and celebrate the diverse tapestry of Middle Eastern culture and traditions through the lens of modern innovation.

For more information and to participate in the Open Call, please visit

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