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Dubai: Watch Mind2Mind every Thursday at Theatre by QE2

The UAE’s mentalist couple are now performing their show “Connected” live every week

Mind2Mind at Theatre by QE2- things to do in Dubai

Mind2Mind Elevates UAE’s Entertainment Scene with Historic Weekly Residency Show Aboard the Legendary QE2.

In a historic move that signifies a monumental step forward in the region’s entertainment sector, Mind2Mind, the globally renowned mentalism duo, is introducing the first-ever magic residency show in the UAE. Beginning September 14, the enigmatic pair, James Harrington and Marina Liani, will host their mesmerizing 75-minute show “Connected” every Thursday aboard the iconic QE2 in Dubai, a venue that perfectly mirrors the grandeur of their act.

About the show

“Connected”, a 75-minute mentalism and mind-reading voyage, symbolizes the pinnacle of a remarkable journey embarked upon by Mind2Mind. The pair initially launched this one-of-a-kind show with a modest three-show run in January as a trial. Met with overwhelming support from fans, they continued to refine and evolve the performance, transforming it into a masterful exploration of the profound bonds that connect us all. It artfully marries astounding demonstrations of mentalism with the universal narratives of love, kindness, and human connection. Due to significant public demand, “Connected” has transitioned to a weekly spectacle, ready to enchant audiences every Thursday with moments of wonder that nurture both the heart and the mind.

Reflecting on this exhilarating journey, James Harrington remarks, “We started with a humble vision, driven by the philosophy that the true magic lies in the connections we forge.” Marina Liani adds, “Our show is not just a performance, it’s a heartfelt invitation to experience the extraordinary that resides in the bonds of love and the wonders of the human mind.”

“Psychic Superstars”

As pioneers in the UAE’s entertainment landscape, the “Psychic Superstars”, as dubbed by Britain’s Got Talent, have garnered critical acclaim, including accolades like the ‘Got Talent’ Golden Buzzer and is titled the “Rolls Royce of Mentalists” by Prestige magazine. Their mesmerizing narrative goes beyond mere performance, serving as a beacon of love, kindness, and the miraculous potential of human connection.

One remarkable highlight includes a segment that brings to the fore their altruistic spirit; spotlighting their rescue dogs, Muffin, Nala, and Toffee, and nurturing a circle of kindness that extends to support animal rescue centers through audience participation, epitomizing the ethos of connection that permeates every aspect of their show.

Event details

Set against the magnificent backdrop of the QE2, “Connected” invites audiences to be part of a ground-breaking venture that promises not just an evening of entertainment but a magical journey that nurtures the spirit and elevates the mind.

Join Mind2Mind every Thursday from September 14, for an unprecedented voyage into the enchanting realms of mentalism, unraveling at the UAE’s first magic residency show. Tickets are available at

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