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Ed Sheeran Dined *HERE* after his performance in Dubai 2024

Check out this local restaurant Ed Sheeran was spotted at after his performance


Orfali Bros, Wasl 51

Ed Sheeran recently visited Orfali Bros, a family-run restaurant in Wasl 51, just before his highly anticipated live show in Dubai this weekend.

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The restaurant, which has been named MENA’s 50 Best Restaurant 2023, serves an innovative fusion of Mediterranean and Arabian-inspired dishes curated by the talented Syrian Orfali brothers. Signature dishes include the OB cheeseburger, ajoblanco (featuring Hokkaido scallop with olive oil caviar and black garlic), shish barak a la gyoza (a Middle Eastern twist on beef dumplings), and the delectable miso tahini salmon. No surprise it drew the British singer-songwriter to its grounds last night.


If Ed Sheeran thinks it’s amazing, we think it’s amazing!

A behind-the-scenes look was released on Orfali Bros’ Instagram stories, including Ed Sheeran and Mohamed Orfali. In the video, the musician praises the “amazing” meal and plans to return during his next vacation to Dubai. The musician uploaded the video with his 46.5 million followers and wrote, “Thank you for the great food!! “So good.”

+ – = ÷ x’ Mathematics Tour

Ed Sheeran performed the largest open-air concert in Dubai at the Sevens Stadium on January 19 and 20 as part of his ‘+ – = ÷ x’ Mathematics Tour with special guest Calum Scott. His stay at Orfali Bros adds a delicious note to his Dubai tour.


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