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Farhana Bodi 2024: Dubai Bling’s Star in a Scandal?

Dubai Bling Farhana photoshop: Allegations and clapback video explained


Who Is Farhana?

Bodi of Dubai Bling recently responded to the haters on previous photoshop allegations. She is a social media influencer and one of the series’ most popular cast members. Bodi is not new to television; she previously competed in Paris Hilton’s Dubai BFF show before being eliminated. However, the event catapulted her career to new heights. She has been a key cast member of Dubai Bling since its inception, displaying her opulent lifestyle and boldly referring to herself as a self-made billionaire.


Her Controversies

Bodi has faced her fair share of controversy while starring on the Dubai Bling show. It goes from arguing with Loujain Adada, AKA LJ, after interrupting her desert party in Dubai Bling season 1 to listening in on Safa and Fahad Siddiqui’s private chat in Dubai Bling season 2. Although Bodi, as always, stole the show with her dramatic life choices in Dubai Bling, she was more concerned with finding love. Bodi, on the other hand, can’t stay out of trouble and recently found herself in hot water with her online group.

Farhana Bodi’s Photoshop Allegations

On February 2, Bodi posted a workout shot to Instagram with the remark, “Fitness is not about being better than anyone else, it’s about being better than you used to be” (via Farhana Bodi). Bodi’s admirers attacked her appearance, pointing out that her figure was realistic in comparison to her prior photos. Most of her admirers chastised the Dubai Bling actress for reportedly over-editing her photos. One commenter stated, “You appear AI-generated here,” and another said, “You are stunning. Photoshop is unnecessary; without it, the image looks better.”

Iconic Clap Back Video


The Dubai Bling reality star appears to have read her fans’ complaints and responded through an Instagram Story. Bodi wore a black fitted workout jumpsuit that showed off her toned shape, and she captioned it, “I’m loving my skinny body.” According to Women’s Health, Bodi enjoys Pilates, frequent gym visits, and meditation; thus, self-care is her main concern.

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