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Flowwow has a 15% promo code for Diwali gifts - order now!

Diwali is a bright and merry Indian holiday that lasts for four days, from November 10th to 15th. It symbolises the victory of light over darkness, the good over the evil. The main symbols of the celebration are lighted candles, Diya lamps, and Indian spiced sweets.

It isn’t always easy to find or make authentic Indian sweets, pastries, and other treats, but experienced confectioners in Dubai and other cities of the UAE are ready to delight you with desserts that carry a very similar taste. Let’s find out what desserts are appropriate to eat in honour of this Indian holiday.

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Burfi: Milk & Nut Motifs

Perhaps, the most favourite Indian sweet, eaten on Diwali, is burfi ‘fudge’ made from condensed milk with sugar and spices. Its delicate creamy taste goes well with the spiced taste of chopped nuts.

To make burfi, all the women of the family usually gather in one kitchen and spend a lot of time preparing this dessert. However, there are excellent alternatives – with a cottage cheese or buttercream base.

Gajar Ka Halwa: Carrot  & Legume Dessert

This dessert is made from chickpea or rice flour, with the addition of carrots, cereals, raisins, nuts and yoghurt – no wonder it may at first strike those who’ve never lived in India as ‘very unusual.’ However, if you peruse the list of ingredients for a classic carrot cake, you’ll see that you’ll most likely enjoy this delicacy.

If you don’t want to take any risks, you can celebrate Diwali with a piece of the staple carrot cake with a delicious cream cheese base.

Laddu: Vedic Chickpea Delicacy with Coconut

Soft balls of chickpea flour with toasted coconut flakes are not only delicious but also a very healthy treat, often made without sugar or oil. If such a dessert seems unusual, you can try a fusion dessert with nuts instead: coconut cookies or almond brownies.

Soan Papdi: Melt-in-Your-Mouth Halwa

This very popular Indian sweet combines the light texture of cotton candy that melts in your mouth with the spiced flavour of seeds and nuts, like in a classic halwa.

A mix of puff pastry, halwa, and nuts is an ideal Diwali gift to give to your family and friends.

Nankhatai: Spiced Semolina Cookies

No Indian feast is complete without spiced baked goods, still warm from the oven. Usually, people celebrate Diwali with rich, crumbly pastries from ghee and semolina – but any version of shortbread cookies will come in handy here.

What to Give for Diwali? 

The main motivation behind this holiday is to ignite the fire of warmth and mutual understanding, so on 24-28th October families get together and friends visit each other. The best gift in this case is a set of small-portioned sweets: handmade chocolates, glazed nuts, fragrant dates, and other small treats. 

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