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Dubai: GOAT burger joint reveals new emoji menu

Can you decipher the ingredients of these GOAT burgers?

GOAT Burger

The GOAT Burger joint is known for its innovative “park-and-dine system” which gained popularity during the pandemic and is now expanding its creative efforts with an emoji menu. 

Emoji Menu by GOAT Burger Joint

The indie burger joint GOAT is launching a newly crafted emoji menu in Dubai today. The limited-edition meals will be available exclusively on Deliveroo and Talabat, with the dishes presented solely through emojis, skipping any need for written descriptions.

The menu will require customers to interpret their orders based on visual hints such as chili peppers 🌶️, cheese wedges 🧀, and animal icons.

Sultan Kayed, Founder and Head Chef of GOAT expressed, “Our primary focus is on continuous menu innovation, and offering something new to our customers. We thought this would be a cool way to engage with our audience, we want them to have fun decoding their orders and discovering the flavors behind the emojis. It’s like a foodie’s game of charades, and we can’t wait for our customers to experience the tasty surprises we have in store.”

While the burger place has a large selection of burgers you can order, the emojis menu will feature two burger options, each served alongside a side of fries starting at AED 59. Ingredients of the 🍔 will need to be deciphered. Take a look:

The menu proves GOAT’s ability to keep up with trends and engage a younger, tech-savvy audience, while also creating a sense of fun intrigue for those who may not be as fluent in the emoji language. Whatever they’re up to, we like it.

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