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Influencer Takeover: Burger King’s Flavor Extravaganza

Check out how ITP Live and Burger King’s influencer collaboration brought the Extreme Mushroom Collection to life, engaging audiences with mouthwatering content and complete immersion that exceeded all expectations!

ITP Live Powering Burger King’s Latest Drop: 

We’re thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Burger King, a heavyweight in the culinary world and one of our valued partners here at ITP Live. Working together, we’ve introduced their exciting new lineup, the Extreme Mushroom Collection, which has sparked a flavor craze in KSA. This mouthwatering selection includes three delicious burgers: the Extreme Cheese Mushroom Beef, Extreme Cheese Mushroom Chicken Fillet, and Extreme Cheese Mushroom Grilled Chicken.

Meet Our Influencers: The Taste-testers

Our goal was to produce various compelling content highlighting the product release. In selecting influencers, we aimed to assemble a top-tier team.
Let us introduce you to the powerhouse we created to ensure our campaign’s success: 

  • Abdulrahman Al Sadhan, boasting nearly 4 million views on Snapchat, emerged as a prime choice for amplifying our message across Riyadh, thanks to his engaging and lively content style.
  • Abdullah Tamimi, famed for his vlog-style content, proved to be an excellent choice for the campaign due to his knack for connecting with the target demographic through his adept videography and innovative content creation. 
  • Riyadh Trend Restaurants, a social media platform dedicated to showcasing Riyadh’s finest dining spots, stands out for its remarkably high viewer engagement. 
  • Meshari, a prominent content creator from Saudi Arabia, is widely recognized for his captivating online persona. His diverse talents and passion for food made him a perfect fit for the campaign.
  • Lastly, Abdulrahman Al Dakhil, known as Abo Leena and hailing from a lineage of influencers, brought charisma and strategic content to the table, ensuring a significant reach among our campaign’s target audience.

 These influencers were the driving force in our full-fledged influencer marketing strategy. They used their voices and best platforms to communicate to the KSA audience to dive into the Extreme Mushroom Collection. 

The Campaign

Our influencers brought a range of perspectives to the mix. Abdulrahman Al Sadhan, Meshari Bin Suwaylem, and Abdullah Tamimi infused their content with authenticity and humor, painting vivid pictures of the different burgers and the revamped Burger King branches.

On the other hand, Abdulrahman Al Dakhil and Riyadh Trend Restaurants provided immersive experiences and detailed analyses, creating enduring content that showcased the flavors and overall dining experience, helping our campaign cater to a diverse audience, offering content that resonated with everyone’s tastes and preferences.

We carefully selected a wide range of material that consisted of unique and organic content pieces that appealed to audiences on different platforms for the viewers in KSA. From lighthearted and funny stories to in-depth and immersive experiences. This multifaceted strategy guaranteed that our message reached and connected with everyone. 

Achieving Results

Our partnership with Burger King through our influencer marketing strategy went beyond generating buzz—it was about producing concrete outcomes. We effectively garnered significant attention and sparked enthusiasm among Burger King fans and food lovers alike. Through our strategic collaboration and the genuine creativity of our influencers, we not only raised awareness but also drove measurable results and exceeded expectations. We were overall, achieving impressive results with our campaign

The Extreme Mushroom Collection

With the Extreme Mushroom Collection available for a limited time, we invite everyone to join us to experience the flavor revolution. Whether you’re a die-hard mushroom fan or simply someone who appreciates a good burger, this collection offers something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the extreme flavors—join the conversation and share your thoughts with us today! Order Here.

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