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Inside the traditional ‘Creators World’ Suhoor, the highest suhoor in the world

ITP Live hosted the highest suhoor in the world last Monday, with the region’s most influential creators with 400M followers combined


ITP Live hosted our annual ‘Creators World Suhoor’ at The Atmosphere, Burj Khalifa, one of the world’s highest restaurants, with breathtaking city views from Level 122. Doors were open to over 80 of the most influential creators in the region.

Creators World attendees gathered together to spend an evening of relaxing and unwinding while enjoying their delicious suhoor meal. With a combined audience of over 400 million followers on social media, Ghaith Marwan, Noor Stars, Baneen Stars, Bassan Ismail and others networked together and participated in traditional activities in the light and spirit of Suhoor. 

The highlight of the night consisted of the celebration of ahlan, the legacy brand’s relaunch, they unveiled an impeccably curated photo booth experience, inviting guests to capture fleeting moments of joy and create memories to take home. 

Another highlight was introducing a challenge, to find the evening’s most engaging content creator. Which, three special attendees, Abbas Shibani, Beki Ksri and Mohammed Nagia were winners and awarded their very own German Euro 24 tickets. 

Want to know more? Watch the full video of Creators World Suhoor 2024 on on Instagram. 

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