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Mega creators team up to launch EA FC24

Find out more about the EA Activation’s here

Mega creators team up to launch EA FC24

Take a look at all of the incredible activations organised by EA for FC24. Leading creators and influencers from the Arab community were able to get a first-hand view of the experience. Want to know more about FC24 and who was involved? Keep scrolling!

Ratings Reveal

For competitive football fans, Ratings Reveal is the perfect way to play a game whilst comparing player ratings and OVRs. EA Middle East featured mega creators Mo Adnan and Abu Rob who challenged their knowledge of the Saudi Pro League. During the game, they also revealed FC24 SPL Player Ratings through a series of trivia questions and entertaining gameshow-style activities.

The pre-launch of the game emphasized the authenticity of the RSL in-game by including key clubs and these two top creators in the process. The video helped create awareness and excitement by engaging viewers and creating content for the Saudi Football Fandom in the region.

Mohammed Adnan who has 3.4M followers on Instagram and 1.1M followers on Snapchat, alongside creator Abu Rob who has 4.2M followers on Instagram, generated over 2M total reach on the campaign. This significant number was created by the creators alone. Watch the video here of the EA Sports FC24 Ratings Reveal:

FC24 Launch

What is the FC24 launch and what happened during the launch?

The FC24 launch showcased the new gameplay style with creators at the forefront of the game. By combining elements of football and gameplay with the help of leading creators in the region, the content was binge-watch-worthy with funny challenges and more to suit the style of the creator and showcase the launch to new and wider audiences.

Some of the influencers who were involved in the EA FC24 launch included Mo Adnan, Amr Nsouhy, Ahmad (ShongBong), Rayan (oCMZ), Msaed Al Fouzan, Abdullah Ashkanani, Banderita, Nawaf, and Saudi Reporters.

With a variety of episodes with creators who are experts in their field, there was in-depth coverage of gameplay changes and innovations in FC24. Watch the FC24 post launch here:

SPL Stadium Activation

As part of the EA Activations, the SPL Stadium Activation in particular was a joyous event welcoming Saudi Football Fans to join in on all of the fun that was organised. The stadium was made into a fan gaming zone where visitors, gamers, and football fans had the chance to play FC24 as well as win exclusive prizes. Influencers Topz and Hanody attended the event, capturing incredible content for their followers which you can see here:

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