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Mind2Mind – the Dubai show that will make you question whether magic really exists

Find out how you can book your tickets for this evening.

Mind2Mind show at the QE2 Theatre 2023

Do you believe in magic or connections? On Saturday evening, I attended the Mind2Mind show at the QE2 Theatre in Dubai and witnessed an extraordinary performance by husband and wife, James and Marina.

Let’s Connect

The powerful duo created a show that is interactive, thought-provoking, and excellent from start to finish. Feel a connection with a room full of people as James and Marina guess your next move. Was it planned all along or is there really something behind it that none of us will ever guess? The showstopping act has been recognised on global talent shows and even a golden buzzer act on Ukraine’s Got Talent.

Not only will you be questioning the methods behind each Mind2Mind performance, but you will leave the room feeling calm and connecting with everyone else in the room. There is something meditative behind James and Marina’s performance with the actions, the words, and the lights that are used.

Do you want to see something incredible?

If you would like to see James and Marina perform, then this is your last chance to see them tonight at the QE2 Theatre in Dubai. Click here to book.

Prepare to be amazed at their sold-out shows and conclude for yourself if there really is a connection. Let us know if you attended Mind2Mind and tell us what you think by tweeting us @itpliveme.

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