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Mo Vlogs x Sadhguru 2023

“This is the ultimate guide, let’s go!” – Mo Vlogs.


In case you missed it, the renowned and well-liked Yogi Sadhguru will be leading the #SaveSoil campaign at COP28 in Dubai. Good news, Dubai-based followers of Sadhguru: your time has come. Now, you have a chance to ask Sadhguru questions personally. If you’re looking for a final push to get you signing up, don’t you worry, in a surprising twist, Mo Vlogs has you covered.

Mo Vlogs, a well-known YouTuber from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, got the opportunity—let’s be honest, we all wish we had—to speak with the yogi on his podcast. The YouTuber posed a series of pressing questions that we have all been dying to know the answers to. How, in Sadhguru’s opinion, can we currently aid the world? Does social media indeed cause depression? What is his take on relationships? We all had dreams of having an open discussion with our grandparents, and that’s exactly what this podcast gave us.

To watch the whole interview: Click Here.

“Everything is a waste if you are not mentally healthy”


The chills. We adore a humble king. Sadhguru opens the conversation by saying he never gives or receives advice. All of his words of wisdom are simply his ideas, and he isn’t trying to project them onto anyone. The subject of mental health immediately comes up, and Sadhguru’s approach to social media and mental health is one of the main reasons for his enormous following. We are so accustomed to hearing—especially from adults—that social media or our phones are the root of all of our issues in life. *Cue the memes where parents are somehow connecting social media and poor physical health.*

In his response, Sadhguru draws a comparison between social media and everyday household products like food. He continues by explaining that doing anything in excess is harmful. Overindulging in food, despite it being a necessity, is nevertheless harmful. That is to say, the issue is not social media per se, but rather compulsive behavior. This is the one we’ve been waiting for, can’t wait to forward this video to the mothers on WhatsApp right away.

He offers his perspective on the significance of mental health as he wraps up this conversation. It was really interesting to hear Sadhguru say that mental health should be our top focus since without it, we truly have nothing in life and boy, that was eye-opening.

“Loving is something you do within yourself, relationships are a transaction”

Sadhguru’s years of experience truly speaks for itself in this video. His approach on “love” especially. The yogi goes to explain how there can be a relationship between ANY two beings. Whether that’s loving, not loving, body based, etc. But, any relationship is a “transaction.” What he was implying by that was, in any relationship it all comes down to what you give and what you get. It’s only with oneself that they can experience true and pure love.


He also adds to that saying “Beautiful will only happen when you look at it in terms of how many ways can I contribute to this.” *tears* Concluding that a relationship is indeed just a transaction.

Sadhguru: Bettering yourself as a human being

To conclude his podcast Sadhguru did what Sadhguru does best. He gave his advice on mental health. This, by far, was the best part of the podcast. Who knew a yogi is able to change or cleanse your mind without even doing yoga? We’re shocked too.

Sadhguru continues by explaining that unless you fix yourself, nothing in the world can be fixed. According to him, each and every individual is like a grain of soil, and the more the environment ruins the soil, the more the soil changes in texture, color, and other properties. He describes the human mentality using this analogy. describing how our environment will ruin us too if we constantly look out for ourselves and don’t put ourselves first. Whoa.

He concludes with our personal favorite line “I don’t have any regrets, I don’t live a rear view life I’m looking in the front.” Leaving Mo Vlogs and let’s be honest, all of us speechless.

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