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Mona Kattan reveals Kayali Oudgasm collection

Find out all the details about the upcoming Kayali fragrance by Mona Kattan

Mona Kattan

On Tuesday, Mona Kattan took to Instagram to reveal her latest fragrance collection: Oudgasm.

Mona Kattan reveals Oudgasm

After noticing her exquisite Middle Eastern perfume brand Kayali had sent fragrance enthusiasts into a frenzy with a recent teaser on Instagram, Mona Kattan finally took to social media to reveal her newest collection. In her caption, she stated the perfume is 5 years in the making.

Mona’s collection, which she has named “Oudgasm” introduces a collection of different smelling ouds. Specifically, Vanilla Oud, Café Oud, Rose Oud, and Tobacco Oud. She unveiled each at an event in Saudi Arabia with Sephora Beauty.

You can expect them to be intense, sensual, and luxurious. The collection offers a modern twist on the art and rituals of Middle Eastern fragrance layering. Oud is a warm, woody scent derived from the heart of the agar tree. When the heartwood becomes infected with mold, it produces a dark, oily, scented resin known as oud.

According to the Huda Beauty website the Oudgasm Collection “celebrates the many facets of one of perfume’s most precious and opulent ingredients”. The scents are unisex and have been designed to “magnify the magic of oud and explore the infinite universe of layering possibilities”.

In the caption of her post, she stated, “This had been 5 years in the making! The oud note is so special to me because of my Middle Eastern heritage. It is transformative and has so many different facets, and levels to it which is why I couldn’t just do one fragrance!”

The newest smells are available online at Huda Beauty, starting from 525 AED.

For Mona, scent is more than a beauty accessory; it is a transformative element of our daily routine. In her own words, “Scent is our most transformative part of our beauty routine. It has the power to completely change how we feel.”

Watch her full reveal here:

It’s been quite the year for Mona Kattan. She has made headlines not only for her perfume empire but also for her entry into the world of reality television. She is set to join the cast of “Dubai Bling” season 2, the Netflix series that has taken the UAE and the global audience by storm.

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