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Noor Stars Joins ‘Super Rich’ Netflix Cast in Korea – Let’s Break It Down

See how the influencer Noor stars went from making content to being one of the richest people in the region

As Noor Stars joins the cast of Netflix’s Super Rich in Korea, Noor Stars has an enormous net worth. She swiftly rose to prominence as the Middle East’s highest-earning creative and earned the nickname “Arabic Kim Kardashian.”

The Netflix star, who goes by Noor Naim in the business, is standing in for influencers on the cast of Super Rich in Korea. She now ranks among the wealthiest 1 percent of citizens of the nation.

Noor Stars’ Net Worth

Noor Star is thought to be worth approximately $2.68 million. Following the release of her debut YouTube video in 2014, the Iraqi influencer—who is only 26 years old—became the first Arab influencer to acquire 10 million subscribers.

Naim’s annual salary is predicted to be $670.84K. Furthermore, she has half a billion views on her account overall and over 11.18 million views on her YouTube channel each month!

With almost 350,000 subscribers added in a single month, she was ranked #47 on the Tubefilter Top 100 in July 2016. She also received Content Creator of the Year at the Arab Woman Awards 2023.

‘Arab Kim Kardashian’

Noor, also referred to as “Arabic Kim Kardashian,” became well-known in 2014 after releasing her debut video on her YouTube channel, What’s on My iPhone. The self-made queen creates vlogs and makeup tutorials.

noor stars

Noor, who was raised by a single mother, moved about a lot as a refugee following the Iraq War until she launched her channel in high school. She spoke Arabic at the time and didn’t know English.

She “kept walking down the dark tunnel until there was light,” and said when she got her award, it was a moment of, “Look momma, I made it,” before saying she “spoils herself because she deserves it”.

Over 50 Million Online Followers

Because Noor Stars is so passionate about fashion and handbags, she has amassed over 50 million fans on social media. She has thus swiftly established herself as one of the leading artists in the Middle East.

She acknowledges that she “worked really hard” to get to where she is now, having started from nothing at all. Noor’s life is now perfectly exemplifying Super Rich in Korea, as the owner of a high-end handbag visits numerous fashion shows!

Known as the “rich influencer,” Noor suggests that ladies “invest in themselves” because, after devoting so much of her life to her aspirations, she thinks it’s the best investment anyone can make.

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