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Noor Taher on Celebrating Six Months Seizure-Free

Check out Noor Taher’s Story on her life struggles

Celebration Six Months Seizure – Free

Noor Taher, the actress known for her role in AlRawabi School for Girls, recently celebrated a significant milestone: six months without a seizure. Diagnosed with epilepsy in 2022, her life took an unexpected turn, marked by both physical and mental challenges. Initially, the diagnosis left her feeling scared, hopeless, and isolated, severely impacting her mental health.

As a child, Noor frequently passed out at random moments, attributing these episodes to an iron deficiency or other minor issues. When she began experiencing tonic-clonic seizures, she was unaware that epilepsy was the underlying cause. The eventual diagnosis was a bittersweet revelation. While it brought clarity, it also introduced a host of fears and uncertainties about her future. Noor worried about how epilepsy would affect her lifestyle, career, and relationships.

Noor’s Path To Acceptance

Despite these challenges, her resilience shone through. She took to Instagram to share her journey, candidly discussing her experiences with epilepsy. Her posts resonated deeply with many, breaking down the stigma associated with the condition and highlighting the importance of education and understanding.

In school, her seizures often went unnoticed, manifesting as brief moments of spacing out followed by collapse. These absence seizures, characterized by auras where she saw white instead of black, were initially confusing and concerning. Over time, her seizures became more severe, prompting greater awareness among her peers and teachers.

Noor’s perspective on life changed dramatically after her diagnosis. Initially resistant to change, she eventually adapted to her new reality. She embraced epilepsy as part of her identity, demonstrating amazing adaptability and resilience. This shift in mindset empowered her to continue pursuing her passions, including acting and ballet.

Raising Awareness and Breaking Stigmas

In her dance classes, Noor’s ability to anticipate seizures allowed her to seek safety before they occurred. Her dance teacher, fully aware of her condition, provided a supportive environment, ensuring she felt safe even during episodes. This understanding allowed Noor to continue dancing, a passion she holds dear, without fear.

The challenges Noor faced extended beyond physical symptoms. She struggled with the fatigue induced by her medications and the realization that she was not invincible. The burden of her condition weighed heavily on her, particularly the fear of being a burden to her loved ones. At her lowest points, she would hide during seizures to avoid troubling others.

Despite these difficulties, Noor found motivation in her condition. She viewed epilepsy as a challenge to overcome, fueling her determination to live a full and active life. Her epilepsy became a driving force, pushing her to see how far she could go despite the obstacles.

One of the most significant misconceptions Noor aimed to dispel was the notion that epilepsy is a psychological condition. In Arabic, the term “sare” can imply insanity, a stigma she fervently worked to correct. She emphasized that epilepsy is a neurological disorder, not a mental one. Noor also sought to educate others on proper seizure first aid, warning against the dangerous myth of putting objects in a person’s mouth during a seizure.

Balancing Life With a Sickness

Managing her daily life with epilepsy required careful attention to her routine. Noor prioritized a balanced lifestyle, ensuring she ate well, slept adequately, and avoided triggers like exhaustion and stress. Listening to her body became essential, allowing her to balance her activities and enjoy life while managing her condition.

For those newly diagnosed with epilepsy, Noor’s advice was clear: be patient and find a strong support system. She encouraged others to view epilepsy as just one part of their identity, not a defining feature. With time and the right routine, she believed anyone could learn to live with the condition without letting it limit them.

Noor drew inspiration from everyone in her life, finding purpose and perspective in the diverse experiences of those around her. Raising awareness about epilepsy and connecting with others in the community became a profoundly meaningful endeavor. Hearing their stories and sharing advice affirmed her belief that she was on the right path, and she hoped to reach even more people with her message.


Noor Taher continues to inspire others, proving that even the most daunting challenges can be met with grace and resilience.

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