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Raghad Fahmi celebrates a Barbie 20th birthday

Raghad Fahmi celebrates hitting her 20s with the Barbie trend!

Raghad Fahmi celebrates Barbie themed birthday

Raghad Fahmi, the eldest sibling of the Fahmi sisters, announced it was her 20th birthday in a fun and “trendy” way.

Barbicore Birthday

We are currently seeing a lot of videos uploaded with the “Hi Barbie, Hi Ken” backing track being used. Raghad, an influencer with 5.5 million followers on Instagram uploaded the trending video, but with a little twist.

Raghad uploaded a fashion video, switching from different pink outfits before adapting the audio at the end and including “Wait, it’s my birthday!” The video currently has 1.3 million views and thousands of comments wishing Raghad a happy birthday. Noor Stars wrote Happy Birthday Gorgeous with heart emojis, Meera Stars, a younger sibling of Raghad’s wrote Happiest Birthday Barbiee, and Narins Beauty said Happy birthday ya 2amar.

This fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer is known for her style as well as her elegant style. Raghad is seen a lot in the media and public eye as a popular influencer in the Arab world gaining millions of followers. Her sisters also have a large amount of following, undergoing long-term partnerships with brands. Raghad has worked with luxury brands including the makeup brand Dior (shown below).

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