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SHEGLAM’s Harry Potter™ inspired beauty makeup

Do you like magic? You’ll love this!

SHEGLAM Harry Potter beauty collection

Unveil the Wonders of Hogwarts™: SHEGLAM Presents the return of the popular Harry Potter™ Inspired Beauty Collection, where the enchantment of Gryffindor™, Slytherin™, Hufflepuff™, and Ravenclaw™ comes to life. Discover the magic that transforms your makeup into spellbinding art.

The Sorting Ceremony™ has commenced! Unlock the magic of four captivating eyeshadow quads, meticulously curated with complementary shades that symbolize the distinct Houses of Hogwarts™. The set features a delightful combination of creamy pigmented mattes, creating the perfect ambiance, and dazzling foiled sparkly shades that illuminate a truly mesmerizing look.

Slytherin™ House Palette:

Dive into the fascination of your serpentine charm with this vibrant eyeshadow palette,  featuring shades that exude ambition and cunning, inspired by emerald and silver hues.

Gryffindor™ House Palette:

Channel bravery and a daring spirit with this magical eyeshadow palette, combining bold shades of crimson and gold.

Ravenclaw™ House Palette:

Unveil the brilliance of wisdom with this enthralling eyeshadow palette, whose shades capture the essence of blue and bronze, reflecting deep intellect and insight.

Hufflepuff™ House Palette:

Experience the trustworthy spirit of loyalty and hard work with this palette, featuring shades inspired by Hufflepuff™’s signature yellow and black, reflecting a truly empathetic look.

Indulge in the delighting world of fantastical makeup with our exquisite individual eyeshadow palettes, or immerse yourself in the complete Hogwarts Houses Palette Set.

Inspired by Libatius Borage’s Advanced Potion Making™ textbook, we proudly present the “Bewitching Brews Lip Gloss Set” – a truly magical collection.

This N.E.W.T.-level coursebook features four gorgeous potion-bottle lip glosses, each inspired by beloved brews from the Wizarding World™. Experience the immediate release of dreamlike success with the sparkling Felix Felicis™. Embrace the allure of Polyjuice Potion™, a transformational delight. Caution! Amortentia™ will entice your senses. Indulge in the mysterious attraction Draught of Living Death™. It offers a soothing formula for a hypnotizing, glassy pout. With our restock, you can choose your favorite Wizarding World™ or grasp them all. Choose now! Level up your beauty game and potion-making skills with this unmissable collection!

It’s Greenhouse Three today, students! There is something special for every magic enthusiast – the Gifted Herbologist Glitter Lipstick. Prepare for an enchanting Herbology Class and embrace the magical essence of repotting those Mandrakes with this mesmerizing glitter lipstick. Smoothly apply this lippie for a glassy black finish, adorned with micro glitter flecks. Its ultra-hydrating formula and convenient bullet applicator will have you looking like a true herbology expert with a beautiful plant-inspired look. Get ready to charm everyone with your bewitching lips.

Discover a new magical experience for your lips. Introducing the Magic Cauldron Lip Mask – a must-have potion for all aspiring witches and wizards to add to their beauty collection. Its light lavender color glides on transparently, creating a transfixing gloss-like sheen. Plus, with the ultra-hydrating meadowfoam seed oil formula, your lips will be pampered and nourished with each use. Unlock the magic and fall in love with your luscious lips!

All of these items are part of the HARRY POTTER x SHEGLAM Full Collection Set, back by popular demand. When you purchase the entire collection, you’ll also receive a magic wand eyeshadow brush as a collection gift. The set and individual items are now available again on both SHEIN and SHEGLAM’s official websites. Hurry and explore the delighted world of wizardry on our websites! Unleash the magic within and discover a collection that will elevate your beauty game! Don’t miss this opportunity to become an expert in enchanting makeup and let your look shine with a unique mystical glow.

This is the perfect collection to get us all ready for Halloween – I guess you’ve got your costume sorted 🪄

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