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Yamane Music “cried a lot” while writing her latest release 2023

Yamane Music releases a new song with a captivating narrative

Yamane Music's latest release, "The Immigrant Song"

Music sensation Yamane Music has unveiled her latest single, “The Immigrant Song,” a poignant exploration of displacement, hope, and the yearning for a home. This emotive track pays homage to those who have embarked on the challenging journey of leaving their homeland in pursuit of a brighter future.

Fly to find a home…

The lyrics of the song vividly portray the emotional rollercoaster of immigration, encompassing the initial heartache of departure and the ambiguity of what lies ahead. Amidst the melancholy, a glimmer of optimism permeates, suggesting that even in the face of adversity, the dream of a better tomorrow endures.

Yamane Music’s latest composition seamlessly weaves traditional folk melodies with a contemporary flair, showcasing Yamane’s musical prowess. Her expressive delivery perfectly encapsulates the essence of the lyrics, conveying the depth of the immigrant experience.

The song has received widespread love and can transcend cultural and geographical boundaries, uniting audiences through shared narratives of displacement and hope.

Yamane Music: A voice for the people

Yamane Music emerges as a compelling voice. “The song describes the struggle of leaving our homeland to have a chance at a better life,” she reveals. The song spotlights the human cost of displacement while celebrating the resilience of the human spirit.

As Yamane Music’s artistic journey unfolds, it’s evident that her music possesses the potential to touch the lives of countless individuals. Her aptitude for capturing the intricacies of the human experience through song serves as a true testament to her artistry. Anticipation builds for her future creations, confident that she will continue delivering impactful music.

Yamane Music’s journey of creating a masterpiece

Yamane Music reveals the story behind her latest release 2023
Credit: Yamane Music Instagram

How did the concept of “The Immigrant’s Song” come to be and what does it mean to you?

“The Immigrant’s Song” has probably been living inside of me for years now. Since I was a child all I did was witness friends and family leave us and go abroad to succeed. So when my time came to do the same it sparked this flame in me, and all I could write about for months was this. One night at 3 a.m., I was thinking about a million things and couldn’t sleep (a very common scenario in my life) so I decided to get on the piano and let my thoughts flow.

The first words that came out of me were “We’re creatures of the sky, our dreams are wings. We learn to say goodbye, to seek new springs.”, about the birds that leave the cold once winter comes and migrate to warmer lands. I felt like it was the perfect metaphor to represent us, and I pretty much built the whole song on it.
I know it sounds super Taylor-swift-teardrops-on-my-guitar, but I really did cry a lot while writing it. This song was my way of letting out as many bottled feelings as I could, and since we’re always trying to stay strong and be tough while living abroad, there were a LOT.

Can you share some insights into the creative process of this song? 

The process of a songwriter is to always write down interesting thoughts that come to mind, no matter where they come from. It could be a quote from a movie, an existential question, a feeling, etc. Out of thousands of thoughts that I write down, about 5% inspire me enough to develop them into paragraphs, and maybe half of those turn into actual songs. It’s kind of a “survival of the fittest” thing for songs. The development process differs from one track to another, but I usually try to get the chorus down before writing other sections.

The chorus often represents the moral of the story or the general feel of the song, so once that’s final I can move to the verses which describe the details and building blocks of the story. I try to keep an authentic aesthetic in my lyrics and avoid being too poetic because people just want to relate, nobody cares about reading Shakespeare in a song, you know? However, with a tune like “The Immigrant’s Song”, I had the luxury to be a little more poetic since this is a very heavy song, and you can see that “poetry” in the chorus.

Why did you choose to blend English and Arabic in the song and what impact do you hope to have on the audiences through this fusion?

Originally I only wrote the song in English. But after making my close circle listen to it, most people were craving this oriental touch because the subject was so personal to our region. That’s where I had my “A-ha!” Moment: Why not have my mother, who’s an established singer in Lebanon with the most incredible voice, sing the chorus in Arabic with me? After all, this song is about a mother singing a lullaby to her daughter before the latter immigrates! It felt like the missing piece of the puzzle, and my mom so gracefully accepted and supported me all the way.

This English-Arabic fusion is symbolic of people like us having to merge two worlds to adapt their lives, and having to learn new languages, cultures, and traditions to blossom everywhere they go. It just felt like a natural choice to make, rather than a calculated move with an intended impact in mind, so I hope it resonates with whoever hears it!

The song portrays longing and hopefulness, how do you create a balance between two contrasting emotions?

I think these emotions are as complementary as they are contrasting. With hope comes longing and waiting for that moment to come, and with longing there’s always hope that this wish will come true. I think this song portrays both by expressing the hope of a better future while showing the longing to maybe one day return to our homeland.

As an evolving artist, what themes do you hope to explore in the future?

As I always say to anyone who listens to my music: my themes are very diverse, and so are my genres. One day you’ll see me release an upbeat pop banger about everyday things, and the next it’ll be an orchestral soundtrack-style song about Immigration. This is my way of challenging the narrative that an artist is supposed to have one theme to stick to for “better branding”.

At the end of the day, we all have ups and downs in our lives, and we all have goofy moments, as well as super deep conversations. I’d like to reflect that in my music to be true to myself. In that logic, I’d like to tackle all the themes I go through in my life, from love to games, to social awareness, etc. So I can’t stick to a clear-cut musical identity, but I can promise you a rollercoaster of emotions!

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