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Saudi: 5 Must-Know Brands To Get Through Summer 2023

Prepare yourself for a sizzling summer with everything these Saudi brands have to offer

Saudi: Muslim Beach Wear

Experience the scorching hot trend this summer with an exciting array of Saudi brands that are set to elevate your style and immerse you in a world of luxury. From fashion-forward labels to cutting-edge craftsmanship, these innovative Saudi brands have their finger on the pulse of the season.

4AG Clothing

We have our eyes on 4AG Clothing this season since Saudi designers have been smashing it with streetwear. The best t-shirts with the best graphics are found here. They have designed their collections to be absolutely ageless, and you can dress them up with a denim skirt and some boots or dress them down with your favorite pair of sweatpants.


Summer is here, which means the season for fashionable beachwear is upon us. Lameach is a Jeddah-based company that sells multi-wear adorable sarongs that can be used as dresses or pareos, as well. You may choose from a wide range of prints to suit your preferences. And if you’re a quality freak, don’t worry, Lameach’s quality is outstanding despite the fact that we are aware that beachwear occasionally has flimsy materials.

Botanic Label

Luxe essentials. Statement exemplars. Playful interior design—this brand has no time for messing around. Botanic Label provides traditional items for the elegant woman who yet enjoys a little fun every now and then. Their exceptional material and summery hues are lovely. The alternatives for wearing the pieces as an abaya, kaftan, or cover-up are numerous! Unleash your inner stylist!

La Suna

This Saudi brand is vibrant, fresh, and welcoming, in our opinion. You’ll want to reserve your next flight out to vacation as soon as you peek at their collections. Their products are a visual treat because of their gorgeous patterns, which range from shirts to swimsuits. They also have summer sets that are quite simple to put on with a tweak of something fun and exciting.

By People

The only accessories brand on this list, but we felt it was necessary to include it because of its incredible craftsmanship. The items offered by By People, cater to both men and women and are motivated by the designer’s travels around the Kingdom. Each piece takes around 5 to 10 days to construct and is fashioned from teak wood, camel leather, and bespoke brass accents in true Saudi aesthetic.

Embrace the heat and embrace the irresistible charm of Saudi Arabia’s hottest brands this summer.

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