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#SPOILERALERT – watch our interview with influencer Naomi D’Souza and Eve Presenter about the first-ever, Say Yes to the Dress Arabia!

Say Yes to the Dress Exclusive Interview

Get ready for a #spolieralert

Say Yes to the Dress, a popular reality tv series originally aired in America, before being introduced in the UK, has now come to the Middle East with Say Yes to the Dress Arabia out this Friday 11th of February.

The highly anticipated reality tv series arrives on STARZPLAY for the first time and is a show that will have you laughing, crying, screaming, and raising eyebrows. Say Yes to the Dress Arabia gives brides-to-be from the region a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feature on the show to hunt for the perfect wedding dress. The Arabian edition is the 25th local spin-off of the popular series featuring 20 brides from various cultural backgrounds, ranging in ages from 23-50, all in search for their “dream wedding dress.”

We share an exclusive video interview on the ITP Live Show as host Aman Dhami questions influencer and bride-to-be – for the second time to the same man – Naomi D’Souza and witty Radio personality Eve Presenter all about the show. Both brides open up about the behind-the-scenes sharing some top-secret information as well as some hints to what we can expect.

Although emotions run high throughout the show, Say Yes to the Dress beautifully captures the emotional journey of brides-to-be, bundled with the show’s trademark fun family drama as each loved one holds their own opinion on the dress.

One thing is for sure, all viewers will be entertained as both brides envision completely different things for their dresses and their weddings. Make sure you share your comments on the YouTube video and subscribe to the ITP Live Show for more updated content.