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Jennifer Lopez Reveals Her Bronx Goddess Glow✨

Learn how to glow like Jlo.

Want to glow like Jlo?

Jennifer Lopez does a one-on-one to reveal her goddess glow that everyone wants to copy. Every time we see Jlo, her skin looks impeccable, and now we can find out why.

Getting The Glow

In her latest Instagram video collaborating with Jlo Beauty, Lopez goes through the products she uses for the everyday quick look in “5 easy steps.” This look is her 5-minute go-to beauty routine.

Bronx Beauty Glow:

  1. Jlo Beauty Serum – don’t forget to rub the serum on your neck
  2. Jlo Blockbuster Cream
  3. Jlo Eye Cream
  4. Jlo Beauty Complexion Booster
  5. Jlo Beauty Pink Champagne – face highlighter and beauty primer

That’s how you can achieve the Bronx Goddess Glow! (You can add the lip gloss at the end if you want to be extra).

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