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The Kardashians social media strategy revealed

Check out Kim Kardashian’s first Instagram post – it’s far from perfect…

Once again everyone is talking about the famous Kardashian family as their new series The Kardashians just released yesterday on the streaming platform- Hulu. Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kendal Jenner, Kylie Jenner and not forgetting “momager” Kris Jenner are back to living their digital, onscreen life, but why not? Their posts go viral on social media, everyone always wants to know what they’re doing so overall their digital life is constantly booming.

Let’s break down their social media (Instagram) following, starting with the eldest:

  1. From the girl next door to gothic chic – Kourtney Kardashian – 170 Million
  2. Entrepreneur, fashionista, lawyer, social media star, etc – Kim Kardashian – 300 Million
  3. “True” to her fitness – Khloe Kardashian – 234 Million
  4. Supermodel star – Kendal Jenner – 230 Million
  5. Young beauty mogul – Kylie Jenner – 328 Million

It wasn’t the easiest of journeys for the family as they have (and still) go through daily trolls, online abuse, and judged about their personal life and personal choices. That is all the consequences of living an online “authentic” life, but they let the “haters hate” as the good they receive outways everything else. They like to take chances with their content marketing and are the biggest celebrity influencers on social media with their posts on every platform getting consistent views and consistent engagement.

It may sound cheesy, but the first thing you need to do is believe in yourself. The Kardashians had self-confidence from a young age, and this is evident in the 1994 video with Kim Kardashian saying “Can someone get a tape of this, I hope you do so you can see me when I’m famous and remember me.” Well, it’s safe to say, everyone does “remember” the Kardashian as she is a global figure.

It was her early “career” that gained the attraction of many which did help the growth of Kim Kardashian’s publicity, and this is something she has also admitted in the public eye. Since then, she knows what gets her traction up and that is her body image, the way she looks, and her ‘curves’ which she utilises in her posts to create an uproar of different emotions. The point here is, to narrow down what you are great at and what you enjoy, then create content around it – that’s when you will really see a difference.

Kim’s first Instagram post was far from the “perfect” selfies she is now known for. Although, the image of her blowing kisses was still probably taken on the latest phone that was out and the best quality that it was back then.

That brings me to the next point of posting high-quality pictures. Recently, the Kardashian’s/Jenner sisters have had a theme going on with a vintage-looking filter on their pictures and videos. Even though they all like to show off their latest looks, they definitely have a way of story-telling through their social media posts and YouTube videos (Kylie), when announcing something or when it revolves around their family. Stick with a theme as part of your social media strategy and as mentioned in previous articles, the power of storytelling offers your followers a chance to get inside and connect with you.

The Kardashians utilise every forum they can and are everywhere and network with everyone. If you look at their posts, there is a theme that runs throughout which is them going to an event, at an event, family carrousels, and of course business posts/stories. When curating a plan, ensure you have a pattern of what you are posting. If you are solely focused on one niche, then experiment with different things and create a schedule.

Planning is everything. The Kardashians may not need to plan but they are consistent with their posts. If anything is happening in their lives (which is everyday), they posts about it if not on their page then as a story. Although, they have now built such an empire that if they dont post for a while, once they do, their engagement is still so high which is the point that you want to get too. If one sister isn’t posting, you will want to know what the others are up to and since the release of the new show, we will be seeing more uploads, and more conversation around the family.

Conversation is what you want and how the Kardashians are so much in the public eye. It’s not just from their unique posts that they publish which starts conversation, but working with others to showcase their work. Saying yes to brand partnerships and collaborations or working with bloggers, asking friends to share posts or like and comment really helps with engagement. Of course the sisters now have a PR team that does all of that as soon as anything major is happening but even working with brands is a common theme shown all over their social media. By working with others, they are showing how well they work as influencers but also respected by these amazing companies. The more work they publish, the more work they get – it’s as simple as that and what a success its become. Their following has enabled them to be able to start their own businesses and grow them into the huge successes.

Make people wonder about what your next move will be. When the Kardashians go to an event and upload a sneak preview of it, you want to know all of the details of what they are wearing, and what they are doing. With some of your posts, make it intriguing and dont give too much away. You want to keep your audience on their toes and wanting more so always keep the wonder there.

Luckily, the Kardashian and Jenner sisters know what their niche is and know what people want to see. Therefore, you need to understand what your audience wants! If you don’t ask, then you don’t get right? Use your platform to ask once in a while what your followers want to see more of and you may be surprised at the answers if you weren’t expecting it.

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