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Brain teaser: Spot 5 footballs in this pumpkin patch

Can you find all the five footballs? Level: Difficult

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Read more for this EFL Cup brain teaser. Find five lost foot balls and a ghostly figure in the Halloween-inspired pumpkin patch.

Spot all 5 footballs in this spooky pumpkin patch

With the English Football League, or EFL, Cup’s round of 16 fixtures taking place across Halloween, many fans will be wondering what the spooky season has in store for their team.

However, one thing for sure is that a tricky new brain teaser provided by Live Football Tickets has got fans stumped.

The Halloween-inspired brain teaser is challenging readers to find the five lost footballs in the pumpkin patch-themed scene and is even proving tricky to the most sharp-eyed individuals.

BONUS: The creators have also hidden a ghostly figure within the scene which almost a third (30%) of people struggle to hunt down at all – who ya gonna call…

According to the creators, it takes 90 seconds on average to hunt down the five balls.

And for some, even worse as one in five people are said to have given up on finding the five balls altogether!

No luck? You can scroll down to the answered teaser below!

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