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Huda does a TikTok beauty trend and the results are shocking!


Since the launch of TikTok, we have already learned a lot of things including places to go in different locations, where to get the best deals, homemade food to try, and more. This time, there is a new trend that has gone viral that everyone is doing and after reading this, something you will probably try.

There are videos being spread across social media mixing foundation with water and applying it to your face. The beauty tip is now being experimented on by different people across the world from TikTok and even popping up on Instagram.

How does it work?

Fill your glass with around 100ml or less, squeeze your foundation into the glass depending on the amount of coverage you would like, and mix. Once you have mixed your simple, and quick concoction, apply it with a brush directly onto your face.

Does it work?

The beauty hack was tested on the beauty queen herself, Huda Beauty. Huda explains the hack is supposed to give you long-wear coverage and make your skin look beautiful. She follows the steps above and applies it to one side of her face, then applies a normal foundation without mixing it with water to the other side.

She then does the water transfer challenge with a paper towel to see how much of the foundation transfers onto the tissue. The results were shocking, as both mixtures only slightly transferred onto the tissue, and the water mix ended up looking more glossier.

However, Huda did state at the end that the process was wasteful and weird.

@hudabeauty Foundation in water hack IB: @Rachel Rigler #hudabeauty #foryou #viraltiktok #makeuphacks @hudabeauty ♬ original sound – Huda Beauty


Why not try adding the foundation and water into a travel-size spray bottle, shaking up the mixture, and spraying it on your face before blending it in? Or you could also do the same thing in a squeezy bottle so you control how much is coming out.

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