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TikTok Influencer In Tears: Viral Challenge Gone Wrong

One TikTok sensation attempted to take part in a viral challenge, what happened next was not expected

TikToker Amelia Goldsmith ended up in tears when her plan to pay for a stranger’s groceries did not go as expected.

Why Pay For Other People’s Items?

@rayrrodriguez Paying For People’s Groceries If They Don’t Take The $20… 😳 #FomotionalFinds #gooddeed #givingawaymoney #payingitfoward ♬ original sound – Ray Rodriguez

A new trend has emerged where content creators pay for random people’s groceries and film their reactions. This type of content tends to go viral and every influencer is looking to jump on the bandwagon.

a London resident, Goldsmith claimed she had gone to the neighborhood Sainsbury’s store with the intention of buying someone’s groceries because she wanted to “cheer someone up.

“I’m nervous,” she said in the video, which was amassed nearly 700,000 views. “I just hope they don’t look at me thinking I’m some weirdo.”

The viral influencer eventually admitted that she felt sad and overburdened because she had made numerous unsuccessful attempts to find someone to accept her offer.

The Reaction

“That was really stressful,” she said on camera. “I was expecting the first person to be like, overjoyed and grateful and happy for me to pay for their shopping, but obviously that didn’t go down well.”

She first approached a customer who was checking out his groceries in the store. He rejected her offer to pay for his items as soon as she made it.

“There’s really no need,” he said, with Goldsmith adding in the caption of the video that he looked “angry.”

She then tried asking another person, who also said no. At this point, Goldsmith was feeling “embarrassed and judged.”

“There’s a lot more deserving people in the world,” the next woman to refuse Goldsmith’s offer said. “But thank you.”

Afterward, Goldsmith claimed that those she had gabe her offer to had been quite surprised. She claimed that one of them gave her an “absolute idiot” look. She broke down in tears and admitted that the event had left her feeling “overwhelmed by emotion.”

After several failed attempts, she settled for buying pasta and sauces to place in the store’s food-bank bin; such bins are meant to collect donations for people who cannot afford food.

“Weird turnout, but I’m still really happy that the food can go to those who really need it,” she said. “I’m just really overwhelmed right now, I don’t know what’s going on.”

The video stirred up a lot of conversation with some people saying the area of London that Goldsmith was shopping in, Balham, is a wealthy area. “People in my area would be extremely grateful for this,” the user said.

Others said that being filmed might have made people feel awkward or uncomfortable.

Lovely gesture, but remember you don’t need to film a good deed to be valid,” one person said.

Goldsmith ended the video by saying that going up to people like that was a big challenge for her because she sometimes found social situations hard to deal with so she was proud of herself.

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