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TikTok Yuri Lamasbella most hilarious takes of the Kardashians

You’ll be fighting over what to watch. The Kardashians or Yuri?


TikTok star Yuri Lamasabella known as @yurilamasbella on TikTok and Instagram is a social media star and comedian.

After continuously flicking through TikTok videos (as you do), I came across Yuri’s videos. Her imitations of the Kardashians were the most hilarious videos I have ever watched. We know the Kardashian sisters have humour for comedians that creates sketches about them as we saw Kourtney invite a social media star Benito Skinner aka / Benny Drama with 1.4 million followers on Instagram to her house to create a video.

Yuri currently has 2.2 million followers and started off as a beauty influencer, creating beauty looks for her followers until her Kardashian video blew up online. Her voice, mannerisms, and comedic acting of the sisters are an exaggerated yet accurate version of the 3, as well as the 2 Jenner sisters.

@yurilamasbella It’s giving effortless #kimkardashian ♬ original sound – Yuri Lamasbella
@yurilamasbella Kendall’s a hypochondriac guys @kardashianshulu ♬ original sound – Yuri Lamasbella

The Kardashians Season 2 Official Trailer also just came out yesterday and was shown across all social media channels which gave Yuri the idea for her next sketch. Her latest video did not disappoint and already reached 183.9k views, 972 shares, 28.2k likes, and 709 comments.

@yurilamasbella Every Kardashian Trailer Ever. IC: @yviain @HRH Nicholas Flannery ♬ original sound – Yuri Lamasbella

Once an episode of The Kardashians has finished, I find myself jumping onto TikTok to see which scene Yuri would have re-created on her social media.

Read more about Yuri’s Christmas gift by Kourtney Kardashian:

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