Layla Akil

All The Secrets Behind Insta-Glam Makeup on Perfection 101
From skin filters to makeup techniques, Layla Akil shares all the secrets behind Instagram perfection in this episode
Going Live with Layla Akil: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know
The star of Perfection 101 answers all your questions (and more) in this live session

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Layla Akil Shares It All On Perfection 101
A candid heart-to-heart like you've never seen before
Expensive Tastes Challenge: How To Detect A Liar
Layla Akil is back on this episode!
Perfection 101: Episode Two is Officially Here
Watch Layla Akil transform herself... but is it for the better or the worse? You decide.
Episode One of Perfection 101 Has Officially Dropped!
Layla Akil is busting photoshoot myths left, right and center
Perfection 101: Starring Layla Akil, Premiering Soon
Breaking boundaries across the region
Season 3 of Expensive Tastes Has Officially Kicked Off!
And we're excited to introduce our new host