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Read below to know what your next purchase should be!


It’s not too late to realize that shopping for jewelry is an investment. Heavily inspired by Instagram Micro trends, owning luxury pieces that are trendy yet versatile – is the key.

Read below to know what your next purchase should be!

1) Here’s to hoop-ing

We’ve all heard Khloe Kardashian say the iconic phrase, “The bigger the hoop, the bigger the ***” However, it doesn’t really stand true in real life. Medium sized hoops are the new studs – your everyday go-to earrings. Explore with different textures or sizes but stick to gold, rose gold or silver.

The hoop style suits most face shapes!

2) Funky Town

All gold on a regular does not mean you cannot enjoy the joys of color and funky statement pieces. Say you were to go to a beach or a fun brunch and were thinking of trying something loud, do not fear diving into statement earrings. Gold colored metal coated in vibrant colors look quite refreshing. Try different shapes. Animalia is in. Cute is in.

3) Y2K Jewellery

This is a great example of a micro-trend stated by Instagram. Originally disliked by many now, this trend was started in the ‘90s. Stands together in line with the Y2K jewelry trend.

4) Faces on Jewelry

Any Schiaparelli fan knows that the brand’s legacy lies in its avant-garde, surrealist approach. Some of their jewelry which has made a huge mark in 2021, ever since Rihanna posed for Dazeds’ cover. 

5) Chain-link Necklace

Chain-link necklaces are still very much happening, and the thicker they are, the more you’ll stand out.

6) Neon Enamel

This trend has been seen on many Influencers and celebrities lately. If you feel like the gold got too much, mix it up with come neon coloured enamel jewellery -they instantly grab attention!

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