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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra celebrate 3 years

3 years and counting.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra celebrate 3 years

Even with a busy time schedule, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas are one influential couple who make sure they have quality time together. Although some celebrity influencers keep their relationship private, this power couple spread the love they share over social media and I don’t think anyone is complaining!

With Nick and Priyanka’s wedding the talk inside every newspaper and article 3 years ago, both of them are still hot topic till today. Being a family of five, including Nick, Priyanka and their three dogs Diana, Gino, and Panda, Priyanka shocked the nation when she had an announcement on the “Jonas Brothers Family Roast.” The new popular Netflix show which has Nick and his brothers Joe and Kevin getting roasted by their friends and family on stage, also included Priyanka sharing a few personal details about her relationship with Nick.

“Nick teaches me how to use TikTok, and I teach him what a successful acting career looks like” was just one of the lines Priyanka roasted her husband about. Although the roast was entertaining for all, one line which had everyone at the edge of their seats was when the Bollywood superstar said to her husband “I’m expecting… to get drunk with you tonight!” Even though the family roast would have shot up-to number one on Netflix with that announcement, it did keep the audience and Nick quiet for a few minutes before she added the last part of the joke.

Nevertheless, the couple, still on honeymoon period, have been posting about their small milestones together for everyone to enjoy with them. From adopting Panda, their Siberian Husky cross Australian Shepherd dog, to buying their first home together in Los Angeles and inviting a few famous faces such as Lily Singh and others over for Diwali, we can’t get enough of the two. Both Nick and Priyanka posted on Instagram about their 3rd year wedding anniversary with the posts reaching over 2 million views. Their celebrations consisted of an intimate candle lit dinner, slow, romantic music, with a beautiful set-up of flowers on the floor surrounding a FOREVER sign as their backdrop.

What is next for these two we don’t know, but we sure can’t wait to find out!