13.08 2020 17:48h

Influencer marketing during a global pandemic? 4 things your influencer marketing strategy needs to include!

Should marketers invest in influencer marketing during COVID-19? And more on ensuring you stay true to yourself and with your audience

On this week’s episode of the ITP Live show, @riridada joins Rouhana to talk about influencer marketing during a pandemic.

It is no news that during the pandemic, traffic on social media platforms dramatically increased. YouTube alone has increased by 15%.  With this, marketing focuses are shifting, influencer marketing is also increasing in value due to their honesty and relationships with their audience.

Riri expands on brands she declined because she is always true to her audience, or as she calls them, her extended family.  She explains further that she wouldn’t take on a project just for money if it doesn’t match her current lifestyle.

Influencers came together to keep their audience entertained and informed during the lockdown. Influencers understand their own audience base better than anyone else, they know how they feel during the pandemic and what type of content they would like to see.

Riri talks about how she provided support for her followers throughout pandemic and gave them DIY hacks, how she copes with her bad days, she hosted live sessions with professionals to deal with depression. She received a lot of positive feedback because she understood and recognized the problems her followers were dealing with rather than continuing to post her regular content.

Here are the four things your influencer marketing strategy needs to include during COVID-19:

1.  Ensure your content and messaging is useful! What does that mean? Influencers should always be truthful and honest. But also keep in mind that they are human, and they make mistakes, they need to recognize it and apologize for their mistakes.
2. Practice empathy and be human!
3. Find new ways to connect with your audience! As the content creator this gives you freedom to be creative, and as the brand it makes more sense for your budget to give the creator the freedom to post what they know is beneficial for their audience.
4. Think about the future! A strong relationship between a brand and an influencer is essential.

Watch this week’s episode of the ITP Live show to find out more on influencer marketing during the pandemic!


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