13.08 2020 18:54h

Mony Helal does nine things she has never done before on Mazaj!

Get ready to LOL with Miss Egypt 2018/2019 on Mazaj!

First, since she is the youngest in the family, she decided to change her adorable niece’s diapers.

Second, she tries to burst a piñata with a pair of boxing gloves! In hopes for a burger, after a couple punches later it was not what she wanted…

Third, she tries to learn French! She has a pretty good French accent though.

Fourth, you know you are going to laugh when you see a blind folded person apply makeup, watch the show to see the very ~ natural ~ masterpiece Mony created doing the blindfolded makeup challenge!

Fifth, who doesn’t love a little bit of ASMR? Put on some headphones for this segment!

Sixth, are you in the mood to listen to some Opera? Listen to the very talented Miss Egypt sing Amr Diab in Opera! Mic drop…

Seventh, she only has two minutes for a full outfit change, do you think she can do it? Well she did, with a couple seconds to spare.

Eighth, blindfolded taste test! One of my favorite challenges. Watch her burn her mouth a little while wearing a tiara…

Ninth, she is ordering food for everyone in the office! Some of them are picky eaters, do you think she will get all of their orders right?

If you are in the mood to really laugh, watch Mony Helal on Mazaj!


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