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All about being a luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer with Lailli Mirza!

Get to know Lailli Mirza as she talks about the reality of being an influencer, sustaining your brand and much more on the latest episode of the ITP Live Show!

All about being a luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer with Lailli Mirza!

Influencer, vlogger, blogger, YouTuber, businesswoman, you name it, Lailli Mirza is all that and more! The classiest woman in the neighborhood, Lailli Mirza is a luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle YouTuber with the occasional vlogs and challenge videos with her twin sister Alizey.

Lailli Mirza initially began blogging on WordPress along with her twin sister Alizey, making them one of the very few ‘influencers’ at the time, amongst a handful in the region! Being based in both London and Dubai and having spent most of her time living in Dubai, the majority of her audience is mainly based in the UK, US and Australia rather than the Middle East.

Frequently creating content online can be challenging and quite exhausting since the audience expect consistency, which is why Lailli pre-plans her content about a month in advance. Experiencing mental health issues and personal issues is normal and completely human, however, content creators often feel the pressure and need to constantly push out content, which ultimately affects their mental health and leads to burnout.

“The issue with YouTube is that you have to switch on a camera and put on a happy face, you can’t really switch on a camera and be miserable because people pick up on it. You need to allow yourself some time off.”, Lailli expresses. 

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The luxury fashion and beauty enthusiast further talks about how having a certain “YouTube personality” online that your audience is familiar with and switching it off once you’re offline ultimately affects her relationships in real life. “You turn on the camera, you’re one person. Turn off the camera, you’re another person. At the same time, the lines are blurred, sometimes I don’t know who I am.”, Lailli explains.

With over 322k subscribers on YouTube and 175k followers on Instagram, Lailli has been a hustler from the start! At only 16 years old, she launched her very own leggings collection with her sister and then at 19 years old, Lailli launched a hair-extension brand since hair-extensions were all about the hype!

It doesn’t stop there! At 21, being a fashion and makeup fanatic, she launched her cosmetics line ‘Lailli Cosmetics’ which is present to date since Lailli still has a strong passion for it.

Currently, Lailli has her own brand called ‘Petite The Brand’ for petite women who find it hard to truly own clothes that fit. “I’m small, I really struggle to actually find good quality clothes for people my height. I’ll buy designer clothes but half of it gets thrown away. I’m like why am I wasting my money? So, I decided to launch my own brand.”

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Lailli emphasizes how social media will not be around forever. To ultimately sustain your online persona and brand, she believes launching a brand and venturing into new businesses is impactful since it’s a long-term concept.

“The best thing you can do is launch a brand, that’s something more long-term. That’s why I did it. I don’t really want to be on YouTube forever, I want to be able to have a brand and a proper business and a life which is offline. It’s nice to have a life offline, it’s peaceful!” 

Lailli express how social media is not reality in terms of beauty. When asked for beauty advice, she emphasizes on the statement, ‘One face does not fit all.’ Lailli wants to normalize getting beauty enhancements and procedures done and wants the younger audience to know that it’s completely acceptable if that’s what they truly want!   

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