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Mony and Omar put their acting skills to test for a day in Expensive Tastes!

The power duo become professional actors for a day with Coach Mohamed El Sawi!

Mony and Omar put their acting skills to test for a day in Expensive Tastes!

Expensive Tastes’ very own hosts Mony Helall and Omar Borkan reunite for a hilarious episode 3 filled with drama. With the guidance of the talented Coach Mohamed El Sawi, the duo explores the art of acting, becoming professional actors for a day.

Coach Mohamed Sawi reveals the tools that an aspiring actor or actress must possess; the voice and the body being the most essential ones. Coach further trains them each to express different emotions with the use of one word.

Mony’s youthful spirit and Omar’s charming personality make an iconic appearance in the episode, creating a laughter-filled and carefree atmosphere!

After receiving a considerable amount of acting knowledge and rehearsals with the Coach himself, Omar and Mony put on an entertaining performance filled with emotions.

Omar’s wooden chair breaking mid-episode, Mony perfectly expressing sadness, disgust and astonishment with the word ‘Shawarma’, Omar doing the same but with ‘Mony’ as the given word of choice are just a few of the iconic moments in this episode!

There’s more to this episode than Mony and Omar learning how to be a professional actor! Fans of Expensive Tastes who are aspiring actors and actresses have a chance to win two free acting workshops with Coach Mohamed El Sawi himself! The workshops will be 15% off to viewers subscribed to the Mazaj channel!