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Celebrity influencer breaking news and top stories with ITP Live News 

Welcoming #ITPLiveNews with the top news stories straight to your screens every Friday at 5 pm.

Top influencer celebrity breaking news stories

Get your latest scoop with ITP Live News, including celebrity influencer breaking news and top stories. The ITP Live Show will feature #ITPLiveNews with these topics, as well as share our exciting campaigns with you on our YouTube channel.

The ITP Live Show currently features interviews with celebrities and influencers in addition to social media and educational/how-to videos. As the first of its kind in the region, the show is not a typical “life story” interview, but gives the audience a deeper understanding and awareness of different social media strategies and how they work for influential individuals.

The show has received over 6 million views in total since launching in 2017 and continues to grow with shows coming every Monday at 5 pm. ITP Live News will be a short, entertaining video that will be uploaded every Friday at 5 pm with current news subjects, influencer updates, and campaign stories that the agency has worked on.

Watch the first show with host Aman Dhami, as she talks about 4 top stories, and make sure to comment on the video. The purpose of the show is to hear everyone’s thoughts on different topics, educate, and entertain, so get involved and send us your thoughts by using the hashtag #ITPLiveNews.

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