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Damaged hair? Get your fix from the latest Perfection 101 episode with Herbal Essences

Get smooth and hydrated hair for the Summer!

Perfection 101

If you are an influencer always on the run, then you need to watch the latest Mazaj show – Perfection 101 where top regional influencers such as Layal Akil, Alaa, and Raoum share their secrets.

The girls share their skin tips, hair tricks, and relationship advice which gets quite emotional, especially when Alaa talks about her previous relationship with the audience. Although there was a lot to talk about on the show, each of the girls give us the best tips and tricks to use for the summer scorching heat. Raoum leaves us speechless after showing how well the Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner work on her dry and damaged hair, leaving it smooth and silky after the wash.

Unfortunately, we cannot hide away from the heat and throughout the hotter months, our skin, and hair rapidly change with the humidity. To prevent any damage, adapting your beauty routine is essential, especially as an influencer who is always on the go. Keep your hair hydrated, beautiful, and nourished with the Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner which also contains natural ingredients.

You can also take part in the competition of winning 3 months supply of Herbal Essences by watching the Perfection 101 video, subscribing to the channel and Instagram page as well as commenting your name and where you are located in the video comments.

Join in on the conversation with Perfection 101, and let us know if you have used any of the Herbal Essences products by tweeting us @itpliveme.

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