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Join the panel as we talk about all things empowerment and sustainability.

This International Women’s Day, Aman Dhami speaks to a specialist panel to discuss the importance of women’s day, and what it means to be sustainable. Joining the discussion is Amanda Rushforth, an environmental consultant who speaks on sustainable fashion, Mariam Farag, a global keynote speaker on empowering women to get the best out of themselves, and finally Naomi D’Souza, who shares how social media can highlight both of these topics.

The talk is to encourage conversation, hear different views, and educate viewers on the data that is already provided to us but in a simpler form. Amanda focuses her points on why sustainable fashion and sustainable living should be the way forward, Mariam shares her personal story of being brought up by her single mum and teaching her young boys to be gentlemen, and Naomi shares her story of facing racism online as well as being raised in a male-dominated household.

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