20.01 2020 12:32h

Top 3 Tips For Marketing on Instagram

How to effectively share your brand's message with your target audience on the 'gram
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One big advantage that comes from the age of social media is using platforms to market brands.

Out of a billion Instagram users, 80% follow at least one business brand on Instagram and 60% discover new products through the app.

Forget TV advertisements and spam emails, Instagram marketing is one of the most important methods in tapping into potential consumers. With many options from being able to tag and price products on selfies to making use of Instagram stories' popularity.

If this is the way to go for your brand, then here are some pointers that Instagram pout together to guide you in this journey.

Visual Presentation

There’s no harm in improving the way you to take pictures when you’re trying to build a brand. After all, that’s what the app is built upon – what is the most aesthetically pleasing feed to scroll through. 

From using rule of thirds when taking pictures to experimenting with lighting, there are a few things to keep an eye out for. 

You can see the full list from Instagram here

Holiday Content Calendar

Instagram also put together a holiday calender template that can help you plan out the steps to your campaign.

This tells you the date, theme, format, visual, and caption for every step of the campaign from day one. This way you won’t get lost halfway and lose track of what you’re really trying to sell.

The template can be downloaded here

How to sell products using the platform

Lastly, Instagram provided some tips on the best ways for brands to sell products using the platform.

This includes using creative tools like the countdown calendar when announcing the date the product goes on sale so your followers have something to look forward to. Using livestreams for Q&As with the customers and much more.

To read all about it, click here

If you’re looking to expand beyond Instagram or use many other social media platforms, you can read about the social media trends of 2020 here

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below. 

Written by Reem Makari. Image credits: Shutterstock. 


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