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Instagram Might Bring Back Chronological Order Within Your Feed... Sort of
The platform is testing a new featured called "Latest Posts"
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Still think the "bubble" is going to burst? Think again
Here's How You Can Now Get Your Disabled Instagram Account Back
A new update to make it easier for users who feel their account has been wrongfully removed from the platform

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Snapchat Is Getting A Makeover Very Soon
The Story-sharing platform is changing up a few key features...
Industry Expert Insight: How Social Media Impacts Consumer Consciousness
Lucy Pilz shares her thoughts on what she calls "The Turtle Effect"
YouTube Challenges Apple and Amazon With Third-Party Video Subscription Service
And it will be interesting to see who they'll partner with...
Live Streaming Platform Seals A Deal with Drake
Drake is bringing the Ultimate Rap League straight to Caffeine
What You Need To Know About Gen-Z Content Consumption in 2020
Think with Google shares insight into how Gen-Zers consume video content
Snapchat Wants To Support Your Well-Being
Here's how the platform is working to improve its users' mental health
Security Flaw Uncovered Regarding Twitter’s Phone Number Account Matching
The platform identifies cracks in its system and quickly recovers it
You Won't Believe Twitter is Doing To Increase Engagement
Talk about a very sci-fi way of fixing an issue