Social Media

Essential Skills You Need as a Social Media Manager
A social media manager is crucial to your small business!
How to Handle Social Media Trolls
A social media manager should be skilled in the art of handling online trolls, read on to learn more!
How to practice self-compassion on social media
Don't fall victim to quarantine comparison

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Social Media Queen Chrissy Teigen is taking a break from Twitter
The model / influencer is taking a hiatus because media trolls
Millenials love Instagram but which platform do boomers prefer?
New 'Adjust Clips' Video Editing Feature added to TikTok
This feature will give users the ability to re-shoot and re-arrange specific sections of their TikTok uploads
How to Spot a Fake Influencer
Watch the video to learn how you can spot a fake influencer on Instagram...
Social Media Influencer and Singer Madison Beer Announces a TikTok Break
She called the social media platform a "super hateful place"
Instagram Launches #MonthofGood Ramadan Initiative
The social platform aims to inspire connection this Ramadan...
WhatsApp and the WHO have partnered on a 'Together at Home' Sticker Pack
The new features aim to boost COVID-19 Messaging amid lockdowns..
The #NutmegChallenge on TikTok has gone viral and it is dangerous
The social media platform has been actively removing content featuring the #NutmegChallenge