02.06 2020 21:00h

YouTuber Jake Paul Denies Looting Arizona Mall

Video footage surfaced placing the star in the midst of a mall being vandalized
Jake Paul, Social Media News
via Jake Paul Twitter

YouTube star Jake Paul is receiving tons of backlash after video footage of him among a group of people in an Arizona mall while it was being looted after a protest, surfaced. Jake Paul has denied these allegations and maintains that he was not involved in the looting.

Paul sent out a statement on his social media platforms in an attempt to explain himself. “To be absolutely clear, neither I nor anyone in our group was engaged in any looting or vandalism,” he said. “For context, we spent the day doing our part to peacefully protest one of the most horrific injustices our country has ever seen, which led to us being tear-gassed for filming the events and brutality that were unfolding in Arizona.”

“I do not condone violence, looting, or breaking the law,” the star continued. 

Andrew Blue, who according to Instagram is Paul's official photographer/videographer, filmed extensive footage of the looting and vandalism taking place at the Arizona Mall, and Paul and a group of people are also prominently featured in the images.

According to his posts, Blue says that his job is to 'capture everything' and insisted that the group just observed what was going on around them at the mall.

Blue took down his stories, but of course they were saved by very proactive viewers who wasted no time in sharing them online.

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