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How To Kill Your Social Media Addiction
Can't put down your smartphone? You are not alone
Teens Are Sick of Their Parents Posting About Them Online
Gen-Z clearly doesn't those embarrassing baby photos to be seen by anyone

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Instagram Stories Just Got A Huge Makeover
Here's how to access some of the newest features on the 'gram
Introducing Instagram's New Messaging App: Threads
Content creators will LOVE this new addition to the Insta family
YouTube is Changing It's Verification Process
Content creators will not be happy about this
There's A Loophole Making Your Private Instagram Account Very Public
Another reason why you should think twice before hitting post
Twitter Rolls Out New Photo Update
A small change that could make a big difference for some users
Instagram is Copying TikTok's Signature Feature
"Clips" could soon be rolled out very soon
How To Add Two Snapchat Accounts To Your iPhone
It's 100% possible and A LOT easier than you think
This Social Media Guru Has Officially Launched His Own Podcast
Introducing the Geekout with Matt Navarra Podcast