Social Media News

YouTuber Jake Paul Denies Looting Arizona Mall
Video footage surfaced placing the star in the midst of a mall being vandalized
Why using the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag with a black square photo causes harm
The movement has taken social media by storm since last week's death of George Floyd
Beyoncé seeks justice for George Floyd on social media
She has asked her fans to take action by signing petitions of their choice

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What is Zynn?
The new app looks a lot like a TikTok clone
Nike is saying 'Don't Do It'
The company's famous slogan was flipped to make a statement regarding racism
YouTube introduces video chapters to all creators
They are now available to everyone who uploads a video
Instagram will roll out Ads on IGTV
Revenue will be split between Instagram and the Influencer
Facebook launches new app called 'CatchUp'
The new app is meant to facilitate group phone chats
TikTok summarized
This hilarious video perfectly summarizes how we have all felt about TikTok at some point