Social Media News

Teens Are Sick of Their Parents Posting About Them Online
Gen-Z clearly doesn't those embarrassing baby photos to be seen by anyone
Instagram Stories Just Got A Huge Makeover
Here's how to access some of the newest features on the 'gram
Introducing Instagram's New Messaging App: Threads
Content creators will LOVE this new addition to the Insta family

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YouTube is Changing It's Verification Process
Content creators will not be happy about this
There's A Loophole Making Your Private Instagram Account Very Public
Another reason why you should think twice before hitting post
Twitter Rolls Out New Photo Update
A small change that could make a big difference for some users
Instagram is Copying TikTok's Signature Feature
"Clips" could soon be rolled out very soon
How To Add Two Snapchat Accounts To Your iPhone
It's 100% possible and A LOT easier than you think
This Social Media Guru Has Officially Launched His Own Podcast
Introducing the Geekout with Matt Navarra Podcast
Would Hiding Like Count Actually Reduce Pressures For Instagrammers?
Likes are now hidden for users in these countries
The Return of Twitter App to Desktops
The app is coming back to Mac web browsers VERY soon