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This social media platform is good for your mental health

According to a new study this app makes people feel happy

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Planning on Getting Your Influencer License? Your life just got super easy!

You don’t even need to visit the office to get your trade license

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How To Block Ads on Snapchat

And how to prevent marketers from "spying" on you

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Another Instagram Crackdown is Happening

Here's how you can easily tune out the haters

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Introducing Chasing Laila: The Middle East's First Virtual Influencer

She's going to be the next big thing in influencer marketing

How 6 Influencers Celebrated Saudi National Day

From the UAE to Jordan, the festivities were going strong


Snapchat Is Holding A Free Webinar For Marketers

Curious about advertising on Snapchat? Save these dates!

Will The Ban On WhatsApp Calling Be Lifted Soon?

The Chairman of Al Habtoor Group wants the feature unblocked ASAP

Guess What's Happening To Snapchat?

Android users will be jumping for joy

Snapchat Scores Massive Investment From Saudi Arabian Prince

Despite a drop in users, the Story-sharing platform isn't doing too badly

Going To Do The #zoomchallenge? Be Careful!

This new viral challenge comes with a few risks

Facebook Sued Over Stock Plunge

Tough times for the social networking giant

Instagram's Newest Feature Is Not Anonymous

Why you need to be careful what you ask


Been Rejected From A Micro-Influencer Platform? Here's Why

Avoid these mistakes when applying to Live Unite

How To Spot A 'Bot Like A Pro

Here are three easy tips for spotting fake followers in your audience

6 Things You Need To Know Before Becoming A Licensed Influencer in The UAE

Read this BEFORE you apply for your influencer license

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