22.02 2017 13:01h

What You Need to Know About Instagram’s New Photo Update

Your photo sharing experience just got even easier
Instagram, Update, Insta Stories

In case you missed it, Instagram has upped its social sharing ante once more with the announcement of *yet another* new update. So, is this one you should care about? Absolutely, particularly if you have trouble filtering down a day’s worth of pictures into one sacred shot that makes the cut for your feed.

How you ask? Well, Insta’s new addition allows you to share multiple photos and videos in an album post; with up to 10 at a time should you need. Your followers will then be able to swipe through the photos one after the other, allowing the photo sharing experience to be more streamlined.

Having this multiple uploading option will essentially change the app's DNA, with users previously spending hours curating their grids, painfully selecting only the best pictures that fit into their perfectly presented feed.

If you think this upgrade sounds a lot like Instagram’s parent company Facebook’s core functionality, you’d be right.  Where either goes from here, is anyone’s guess.

Just before you get too excited about all the scattergun approach to your photos you can employ on your feed, it’s worth nothing - as this is just a beta feature, Instagram hasn’t revealed when it plans on launching it for its users worldwide.


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