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Another Instagram Crackdown is Happening

Here's how you can easily tune out the haters

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10 Best Instagram-Friendly Coffee Shops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Next time you need a caffeine fix, check out one of these cafes

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Rita Dahdah Does Grazia Middle East's Carpool Cosmetics

Testing out new Fenty Beauty products while on the road...

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Instagram Founders Leave Facebook

The big question is... how will it affect Instagram?

Instagram Is Looking To Launch A New App

And it's going to be bad for our bank accounts

You Can Now Apply To Get Verified Directly In Instagram

Plus two more new features to help you stay safe while you scroll


Russian Hackers Are Locking Users Out Of Their Instagram

Hundreds of accounts have been compromised

The Most Instagrammable Destination of 2019

And it's only a few hours away from DXB


Why you should be making the most of all the features

Why Aren't Regional Vloggers Embracing IGTV?

Three video content creators share their (surprising) thoughts on Instagrams's latest feature

This Account Is Dedicated To All The "Instagram Boyfriends"

Amused by the @insta_repeat? Then you'll get a kick out of @boyfriends_of_insta

Look Familiar? There's Now An Account Entirely Devoted To Repeat Insta Snaps

This will be a rude awakening for some influencers

How To Spot A 'Bot Like A Pro

Here are three easy tips for spotting fake followers in your audience

This App Can Make It Look Like You’re Abroad

Can't afford to travel but STILL want an amazing Insta-feed? Here's your solution


5 Instagram Trends to Look Out For In 2018

Here's what you need to know...

How To (Easily) Edit Your Images Without Photoshop

Three alternative ways to make your pictures look like professional jobs

An Influencer's Guide to Spotting A Fake Influencer

Social media star Naomi D'Souza shares her Instagram-based insights

What You Need to Know About New Crackdowns in Influencer Marketing

America's Federal Trade Commission is setting international standards on social media advertising

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